Title: The Ark
Genre: Sci-Fi / Action
Format: Motion Picture Film trilogy

‘The Ark’ trilogy is a motion picture film Sci-Fi adventure which blends the realms of what we as humans are able to conceive and believe to be our existence in life and the possibilities of inter-dimensional travel via rips in space-time. The trilogy is in development by writers A.J. Carter and Joe Brouillette. With influences from such motion picture films as The Matrix, Avatar, Inception & Indiana Jones, the unique concept inherent in The Ark is set to question Quantum Physics and our evolution of life as we know it.

Poster concept artwork by Radoslav Žilinský

Title: The Missing
Genre: Supernatural Thriller / Horror
Format: Motion Picture Film
Location: USA (Ohio)

The disappearance of an 8yr old boy during a vacation to the family farm becomes even more terrifying when strange events and ghostly figures begin to unravel a dark family history.



Title: Prisoner Zero
Genre: Crime / Action / Thriller
Format: Motion Picture Film
Location: USA (Texas), Mexico

In the vein of The Usual Suspects, after a multi million dollar heist goes wrong, a U.S. photojournalist is accused by a Federale of being the elusive international criminal mastermind known as Zero.




 Black Dragon
Genre: Action / Thriller
Format: Motion Picture Film
Location: Australia (Perth)

An unjustly imprisoned Hong Kong mechanic escapes to track down his kidnapped sister, finding himself in the world of Western Australian drug smuggling — biker gangs, surfers, corrupt businessmen, and Hong Kong triads, all working for the friend turned drug lord who framed him and took his sister.




Title: Ryde
Duration: Thriller
Genre: Motion Picture Film
Location: Los Angeles

Premise details are unable to be disclosed until media release.




Title: Confessions of a Hollywood Scoundrel
Duration: 12 x 30 minute episodes TBA
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Format: Scripted Television

Premise details are unable to be disclosed until media release.