Ronan’s Escape- In depth interview with Scribe Magazine

I don’t usually bother to blog about publicity articles as it’s a little wanky, but this latest article by Cam Allen on a short film I did Ronan’s Escape just hit Scribe Magazine, and it’s a great resource of info about the film its self, why we made it, and the ‘behind the scenes’ of the film making process.

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After the film made its way through the world film festival circuit and was released in its entirety on YouTube, I’ve gotten a constant flow of emails from all over the world- from teachers, school kids, and parents. Many sharing their own personal stories and thanking our team for making the film and generating awareness on school bullying. Most also ask about the actual making of the film, what inspired me to write it etc. I’ve managed to reply to a good chunk of e-mails over the last year, but not all, so I think this article would be of value to a lot of you.

– Read the Full Article on Scribe Magazine.
– Watch Ronan’s Escape on YouTube.
– Buy the DVD at the Ronan’s Escape Official Website. Support us and enjoy lots of cool bonus material.

Thanks again for all your support, and enjoy the article!

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-A.J. Carter
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